Building-Restoring Programs

John Benham & Associates will work with your district to develop a Status Profile of your current music program, establish a vision for growth, and outline the strategies and process for implementation. The process of moving from survival to vision is accomplished in phases and/or visits as determined by the size of the district and extent of the process as outlined below.

Preparatory Phase:

Development of the proposal for the project

Design & appointment of a Music Study Task Force

Completion of the School Music Participation Survey Form (Collection of Data)

Development of the rough draft of the Status Profile

Phase/Visit 1: Developing the Status Profile 

Individual and Group Meetings:

Introductory meeting with the Music Study Task Force, and presentation of initial findings of the Status Profile

Group meeting with all music teachers (Status Profile Review)

Individual and/or group meetings with members of Administration and School Board (Perspectives on Music Program)

Meeting with members of the community (Music Coalition)

Develop final draft of Status Profile of the music program

Presentation of initial findings to Board and Administration by the Music Study Task Force

Set Agenda for Phase 2

Phase/Visit 2: Moving from Survival to Vision

Developing the short and Long-term plan based on findings of Status Profile

Curriculum development and assessment

Identify inhibitors to student participation and strategies for resolution

Develop timeline for implementation

The need for additional phases or visits will be determined based upon the initial findings of the Status Profile. These may include the following projects or others as determined by the district.

The development of  annual report(s) to demonstrate progress on vision goals, and update the status of current program

Development of a sequential, written curriculum with specific, achievable and measureable learner outcomes; and a system and process of assessment

Recruitment and assessment of music faculty