The Music Industry

The music industry, and the local music retailer in particular, play a major role in music advocacy. Historically, the local retailer is an excellent conduit of information for all the latest issues in any school district. We suggest that the local retailer implement the following practices.

  • Maintain a file of advocacy materials available for the school districts they serve, including links to websites with advocacy materials.

  • Establish music advocacy links on their website, including this one.

  • Make sure that "road reps" regularly check with music educators in order to be informed of any issues of educational reform or budget issues that may threaten the local music program.

  • Maintain mailing lists of clients that include the school district that their children attend.

  • Provide music advocacy seminars, on site or on line.

 If you have questions or concerns about any issues that arise in school districts that you serve, we are here to be of assistance. We are also available to provide site or Zoom presentations to music coalitions or groups of music educators as a clinic. Please contact us for further information.