Colleges & Universities

Today's music educator must be prepared for the variety of threats to the curricular status of music programs. Educational reform, political agendas, and the struggle for funding are a constant presence. We provide two options to assist colleges and universities in developing advocacy skills in the student music educator.


  1. Interactive ZOOM presentations to music education classes or music education student groups. This may be accomplished during the regular class period(s), or as a group event. (A minimum of 60 minutes is required for the basic presentation. More time is required for adequate interaction. These lectures are provided at no cost if Music Advocacy: Moving From Survival to Vision has been adopted as a textbook for the course.)

  2. Music Advocacy: Moving From Survival to Vision may be offered as a two or three-credit course. Both online and resident formats are available, and may be arranged through your institution. (See the Music Advocacy: Moving From Survival to Vision syllabus.)